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Good Shepherd Feeding Program

The Good Shepherd Feeding Program has been setup to work with local community leaders in the Barangay state to first and foremost give meals to children in need.

I have been fortunate to work with a University Professor from Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, Mr. Celbert Abalde, through one of his students. They regularly spend a day a week to feed 80-100 kids in chosen communities which were hardest hit by the Typhoons (Sendong, Pablo) in recent years. Some of the children and families still live in relocation centers.

Just $50 produces enough food for 1 meal for 80-100 kids and a few adults.  This produces hope and happiness along with a full belly.  I love seeing the smiles of these children.

The meals consist of a rice based porridge with chocolate flavor and our second is a chicken noodle soup.

You can see below a few of the pictures of the feeding programs I have personally funded. (here is a link to the facebook page which Celbert set up to support our efforts through us — and our friends here – be they personal in nature, or clients of or someone with a compassionate heart from our business).

The Good Shepherd Feeding Program Facebook Page

Please join us with a one time contribution of whatever amount you feel can help. We hope to set up a monthly donation which can come from a credit card or paypal account such that more relocation zones and communities might be able to get this once a week, or once a month meal.

We will also be working with Celbert and local community leaders to establish education and play based initiatives, such as a 1 time project to purchase playground equipment. If you wish to be a part of this, please email us or add a message in with your Paypal donation.

All funds go to a separate account to be used solely for this Good Shepherd Program. If successful, in the future, we can add other communities wherein a trusted individual is doing more than their government to help the people survive difficult conditions.

Bless you for your consideration. Giving to others is good for the brain and the soul.



Here are some pictures from some of the early feeding programs we are proud to have been able to sponsor.