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Author Archives: BrainTrainCoach

Brain Training for the Baby Boomers

You are never too old to learn. Many of us have read this particular phrase over and over again through out our lives. But how many of us have actually pondered over the idea? Learning is often understood to be synonymous with education; which is quite far from the truth. Learning and more important than […]

Do Circadian Rhythms and Insomnia Respond to Light Therapy?

We humans have evolved hugely from the Stone Age to the Modern Age. Nature has laid down certain rules for every living organism existing on the face of earth. Human beings are also monitored by these rules, but we are the only species which tends to go against the laws of Nature to make some […]

Brain Neuron Synapse

Basics of Brain Training

Learning is quite different from education. While education stops when you stop attending school or college, learning is a continual process. We continue to learn new things until the end of our lives. The human brain has always been a topic of great interest and the medical fraternity has been craving to crack the mystery […]