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Brain Training for the Baby Boomers

You are never too old to learn. Many of us have read this particular phrase over and over again through out our lives. But how many of us have actually pondered over the idea? Learning is often understood to be synonymous with education; which is quite far from the truth. Learning and more important than that is the actual practice of the things learnt, should become an inherent part of our lives to have an enhanced level and quality of existence.

Renewed approach to learning

What we all require is a renewed approach towards the learning process, irrespective of the age group to which we may belong. It is not about learning new skills or new stuff, but continuing to sharpen the learnt skills by regular practice. Having a sharp mind is good, but knowing how to continue maintaining that sharpness is an indication of being more intelligent. The best way to keep sharpening your brain is by exercising it, just like you would exercise your body to keep fit and healthy.

Benefits of continued learning with the increasing age:

  • Most of us are not very comfortable with the idea of learning beyond the age of adulthood. It would be easier to accept the idea of learning in adults, if we can consider learning as an exercise for the brain to remain fit. Keeping the brain fit is definitely going to provide numerous benefits like having a wonderful memory, excellent concentration and freedom from diseases.
  • In addition to these benefits, research now proves that excellent brain health can help in keeping you younger and live longer.
  • Who would not welcome the idea of having better memory power even as the age progresses? It is a practically possible feat, and memory improvements of 15-18% are commonly seen after using just a single brain game program.
  • Many serious diseases which start developing in the older age group like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease etc can actually respond favorably to brain training programs.

Contemplation on AARP age

The AARP age group is particularly prone to many medical disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Dementia etc. The common factor running through all these typically age related disorders is the decline in the mental abilities and basic functions of the brain. The good news is that this age related disorders need not overcome the individual and reduce the quality of life in such people, because all of these disorders have been found to respond to brain training exercises like solving Sudoku or crossword puzzles.

The latest brain training computer programs like those from Posit Science or Cognifit also help such patients profoundly by helping the brain to exercise and work out and keep itself fit and healthy.

The other major consideration in this particular age group is the increase incidence of driving accidents, especially after the age of 65. The major factor contributing to these accidents is the deterioration of cognitive abilities of the brain. However, there is no cause for concern, because certain special brain training computer programs deal with this particular problem and regular training on these driving targeted brain training has improved the driving skills to a great extent.

Significance of Brain Training in AARP age group

  • Consideration of the above facts, lead us to the conclusion that there is definite deterioration of cognitive and memory skills of the human brain after the age of 50 years, but these effects need not be permanent or irreparable.
  • Brain training can help in reclamation of these lost or deteriorating skills, and thus improve memory and also improve the driving skills.
  • AARP approved Brain training games are now available, which help this age group considerably. Some of the AARP approved brain training games is the Cognifit program which helps in improving the cognitive skills, and Posit Science brain training program having a specific driving program for AARP age group.

Special consideration of Baby Boomers:

Since all the Baby Boomers are actively involved in the mad rush for success, in some stage of the career marathon, good brain health and excellent cognitive and memory skills are a vital requisite for these folks. Brain training programs aimed at reducing mental stress, promoting relaxation, improving memory and cognition are most important for this age group.

Wild Divine has designed specific Baby Boomer learning program for example the Relaxing Rhythms (previously known as Healing Rhythms), which uses the direct biofeedback sensors and helps in training the user to learn to effectively relax and reduce the amount of mental stress. The best part about the brain training programs created by Wild Divine is that all of them have been designed in such a way that learning and improving your brain skill becomes fun and exciting too.

Lumosity and Cognifit are the interactive brain training computer games which help to improve and enhance brain skills like concentration, memory and cognition.

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