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Students Test Biofeedback Game to Reduce Stress

Springfield, Mo.–

There is on the horizon a new way to fight stress and students are testing its worth at Missouri State University.

A professor is having her students test biofeedback – a new technology to see how it can help.

The video game called Alive could be the future game to play if you want to reduce stress.

The video game includes race car driving, building a house and many other choices.

Dr. Amber Abernathy is an assistant professor in the psychology department at Missouri State University.

She’s having her students use saliva samples to test stress over time and see if people who play this video game are less likely to be stressed.

She’s then comparing it to different studies, one of them being four different sessions of a mindful meditation training, to see if this video game produces better results.

“We… have new software called Alive software and it is biofeedback it hooks up to your fingers and you play a video game and the video game will only play if you’re relaxed and you can race a car but the car can’t move unless you stay calm and your breathing is calm,” Abernathy said. “It’s showing people what it feels like to be calm, you can actually see in the screen.”

The program uses fingertip monitors to get biofeedback like heart rate to control the game.

It’s a semester-long project, so results will have to wait to see how the game compares to other stress reduction methods.

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One Comment

  • Inge Alber October 11, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    The Alive Program is one of the very best Biofeedback Software I ever used’
    I have practiced Meditation over 30 Years and I took many Meditation and Stress management Seminars.
    I also practiced deep breathing relaxation techniques for many years.
    When I was meditating I struggle to be too much with my mind and, I was thinking too much in my meditation,
    Alive changed my meditation .I’m in the present of Meditation I can relaxed into my present moment.
    The Alive Program makes learning to control your breathing, heart rate, and thoughts almost effortless. The effects of playing stay with me for several days – I feel calmer, more focused on positive images and ideals, and more “settled” in my current situation. It has provided me with meaningful tools and perspectives that transfer over into my life.

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