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Author Archives: William Ryan

Coronavirus Isolation Creates Stress

How to Reduce the Impact of Isolation on Your Family

How to Reduce the Impact of Isolation on Your Family Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, schools and workplaces have been empty but homes have been full. And as much as we love our families, suddenly being forced to share our personal space 100 percent of the time can take a toll. If you […]

Students Test Biofeedback Game to Reduce Stress

Springfield, Mo.– There is on the horizon a new way to fight stress and students are testing its worth at Missouri State University. A professor is having her students test biofeedback – a new technology to see how it can help. The video game called Alive could be the future game to play if you […]

Lane Stadium Virginia Tech.

Can a biofeedback game save a life?

Can a biofeedback game save a life? A student from suicide? “You saved my life, today” was the response on the form at the University Student help center. What did you think of your experience (of the biofeedback program) was the question. There were countless other comments such as — • ‘less stress’, • ‘calming […]

Enhance Yoga with Biofeedback

Enhance Yoga with Biofeedback* (This article is has been published with permission from Dr. Erik Peper as a re-posted of his August 6, 2017 article from the Peper Perspective Blog.) How can you demonstrate that yoga practices are beneficial? How do you know you are tightening the correct muscles or relaxing the muscle not involved […]

Amygdala PFC Connection

Amygdala PFC Connection

New research builds upon our understanding of the Amygdala to Pre-Frontal Cortex connection. How can we more easily self-regulate? Self-regulation is the foundation of stress control and optimal performance. Biofeedback proves to be a viable tool for training this key function built into the human brain’s ability to adapt and survive. “If you know what […]

Learn the Mindfulness Balloon Technique

Blowing up a balloon like new mindfulness meditation?

How Balloons can calm an autistic boy’s mind. Mindfulness Meditation techniques by a Special Education Teacher before it was a trend. Now, Biofeedback tools help make this technique easy to learn for schools and homes across the world.

UCTV Brain Channel

Is Mindfulness Like Gravity

Is Mindfulness like gravity? If we treat mindfulness like gravity it falls into place. When we adopt mindfulness, it becomes like gravity, making us grounded and stuck to our earthly awareness and that which is timeless and omnipresent. Steve Hickman, Psy.D., Executive Director of the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness joins William Mobley, MD, […]

Top Reasons to Use Biofeedback

Why Use Biofeedback?

Why Use Biofeedback? Top 40 Reasons Why Biofeedback is “Good Therapy” for Professionals, Families and the Self-Health Individual. For any of us, from the self-experimenter, to the parent, to the professional with a teeming need to calm minds of all ages, let’s have some fun while expounding our ideas and cementing our minds in support […]

Seeing is Believing Biofeedback Proof

Seeing is Believing

Dr. Erik Peper’s study and paper “Seeing is Believing” quantifies and qualifies the response to learned biofeedback efforts. Simply, when you, or a client/patient can take a doubt, or even a trusted theory, apply it via a feedback mechanism and get a quantifiable, tested result — you create a new belief and perspective. From his […]

Better Decision Making with mindfulness

Better Decision Making from A New Perspective

If a Naval Admiral can learn from his ‘brain fog’, what can you apply to make better decisions every day?