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Top Reasons to Use Biofeedback

Why Use Biofeedback?

Why Use Biofeedback?

Top 40 Reasons Why Biofeedback is “Good Therapy” for Professionals, Families and the Self-Health Individual.

For any of us, from the self-experimenter, to the parent, to the professional with a teeming need to calm minds of all ages, let’s have some fun while expounding our ideas and cementing our minds in support of biofeedback.

If you can explain to your new clients and old patients how you use biofeedback, in just a few ways and have them buy in — how much easier and more effective will every session become?

I want some fine-tuning group participation to make this a staple in the minds of all of us who know how valuable a tool any type of feedback can be.

So, I start with 20 of my 40.

They will vary in specificity or support of the statement, so I encourage you to add value where you see it can apply. Thank you in advance for contributing, sharing and being a part of a mission to help others.

Why Use Biofeedback — it is simple to use, ‘good therapy’ for the layperson to professional to use BECAUSE…

  1. Biofeedback helps create a calm state of mind.
  2. It gives the teacher and student, the therapist and patient a 1st stage, 1st use tool to create a calm state of mind. Nothing can be understood, learned or changed with a stressed mind state.

  3. “The introduction of feedback to any system will elevate that system to a higher level of functioning.”
  4. – the Biofeedback Institute

  5. Biofeedback makes teaching and learning mindfulness easier.
  6. Seeing is believing.
  7. When a person sees they can control the action on a screen with their own thoughts or breathing, it opens their beliefs up to a whole new range of possibilities which were previously beyond them. (Erik Peper Study)

  8. What we measure, always improves. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
  9. — Peter Drucker, (and a host of others in a variety of areas from sports to business to self development.)

  10. It can be fun, entertaining and engaging.
  11. Children and youth who otherwise would be a therapist’s ‘handful’ can happily play a game and find a calm mind starting point.

  12. We learn better with a full range of senses involved, especially when we become visually and kinesthetically involved.

  13. Alive Clinical is the low cost, high value system

    used in research for anxiety, relaxation and focus by many leading US universities and military facilities.

  14. Navy Seals use it to pre-condition themselves against future stress.
  15. Olympic and World Cup Champions have successfully gained an edge using biofeedback.
  16. Experts say that biofeedback is the easiest way to learn the principles of meditation.
  17. If you can learn a portion of what a Zen Monk can do by playing an interactive game, it sounds like a good idea to me.
  18. Seth Godin, Thoughts on Life:
  19. “The best way to change long term behavior is with short term feedback.”

  20. HRV active feedback training for as little as 10 minutes per day has long term physical health benefits in addition to the mental and emotional growth available.
  21. Go Here to find out how personal home biofeedback versions are easy to use, with easy to feel benefits.

  22. It’s easy for anyone to use biofeedback to relax.
  23. Regular biofeedback use reduces insomnia and improves sleep.
  24. Biofeedback is a proven technique for headaches and to reduce blood pressure.
  25. WebMD Biofeedback Trains Mind, Body to Make Changes

  26. It’s cool to use technology in new ways.
  27. Kids like it and adolescents like it — even those “who don’t like anything”.
  28. “I often give my stressed out patients time with biofeedback to start, just to calm them down and to to help me”, said the doctor & director of a thriving, multi-location therapy office.

  29. Our veterans with PTSD are having great success with biofeedback.
  30. Studies prove HRV Biofeedback for Veterans with PTSD is beneficial practice.

  31. We need every tool possible to help our children, our lost adults and our veterans to be able to find a sense of control and self-belief.

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