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Alive GP8 Pioneer Multi-Sensor Respiratory Biofeedback System

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Professional System with Respiratory Sensor added & bonus features:

  • Muscle Tension (EMG), Skin Temperature & important Respiratory Breathing training.
  • Heart Rate training with EKG (improved accuracy for research and older/low HRV clients).
  • Clinical quality Skin Conductance (GSR) training with improved accuracy and 1,024 samples per second.
  • Adaptive breath pacer (no need to set pacer speed), audio pacer, microphone recording of sessions.
  • Algorithms for approximating emotional state help teach emotional mastery. Cutting Edge, Patent-Pending technology.


Alive GP8 Complete Biofeedback System with Alive Pioneer & Dreamscapes Software Bundle

This BRAND NEW version of Alive, a Professional Biofeedback grade system compares to systems used in seminars and research at $3500 to $7500+.

This System includes the Dreamscapes software normally sold separately @ $299 as a Bonus add-on software suite.

This high precision, multi-sensor GP8 (the newest version with the most versatility) Hardware comes with Somatic Vision’s leading biofeedback software — Alive — in its highest version, called Alive Pioneer. Together, this system provides optimum training options for even the most experienced biofeedback or neurofeedback practitioner.

Your Professional Biofeedback System is here! The GP8-e Amp comes with 6 leads which can be used for EMG, EKG &/or SCL, 5 permanent electrodes for EKG or EMG, 2 velcro finger sensor electrodes for SCL, 2 velcro wrist wraps for wrist-to-wrist (or wrist-to-ankle) EKG, 50 disposable sticky electrodes for EKG or EMG, 1 temperature sensor and Bonus 2 Heart Rate BVP finger sensors (1 ear).

The system can train EKG (or EMG), temperature and skin conductance at the same time. The GP8-e Amp samples at 1024 samples per second, and compared to the IOM has much more accurate and precise skin conductance and heart rate measurements (which means more accurate HRV / smoothness, especially for users with low heart rate variability). The GP8 Amp also comes with our new version of Alive, Alive Pioneer.

Alive Pioneer for the GP8 is for Windows only. * See below for Mac options.

All New Benefits and Upgrades with Alive Pioneer Professional GP8 System:

  • New Alive Games and Environments.
  • Adaptive breath pacer (no need to set pacer speed), audio pacer, microphone recording of sessions.
  • Algorithms for approximating emotional state, automatic skin conductance, skin temperature, EMG training, and even more measures such as BVP to come.
  • BVP NOW available for GP8 Hardware, including (2) FREE Bonus Heart Rate/BVP sensors for limited time.
  • “Heart Rate training with EKG (improved accuracy for research and older/low HRV clients).
  • Clinical quality Skin Conductance (GSR) training with improved accuracy and 1,024 samples per second.
  • Muscle Tension (EMG) training.
  • Temperature training.
  • New Respiratory Breathing (this sensor required) Measure built in to train abdominal and breathing rhythms for 1st measure, low HRV clients.
  • We’ve put these features together in our cutting-edge Alive Pioneer software and paired it with the GP8 Amp – our new clinical grade hardware.

A STRIKINGLY new level of Professional Biofeedback —
at an affordable cost to any business or enthusiast.

Check Out the Professional Grade Advantages in the GP8 Pioneer System in this short video.

GP8 Amp Hardware Benefits

  • Multi-sensor Biofeedback: measures EKG (ECG), Muscle Tension (EMG), Skin Conductance(GSR), Skin Temperature and Respiratory Breathing Rhythm (*requires sensors available as add-on, only $99).
  • Increased skin conductance and heart rate accuracy for more effective training. People with dry hands or low heart rate variability can train effectively!
  • Professional quality amplifier with highly durable, yet easily replaceable, sensors.
  • Made by a biofeedback hardware manufacturer who has been designing professional multi-sensor biofeedback & multi-modality systems for over 40 years.
Learn new Professional Biofeedback techniques.

Alive GP8 Pioneer Clinical Guide Download

Alive Clinical Pioneer Guide

This is a brief introduction Alive Pioneer Video for the Iom SCL/HRV or emWave HRV Sensor.

(note: a full tutorial video for Alive Pioneer is available for full understanding of it’s potential and how to use it in training.)

(Note: This Video details a LOT of new features, but YOUR New Version 3.1+ practically DOUBLES the features & benefits shown here.)

This is a quick 5 minute Overview of New Updates to Alive Pioneer.

This is the latest, FREE UPGRADE to Alive Pioneer – check out the new features, functions and capacities added to the system.

Alive Pioneer Version benefits

  • All Alive Clinical version features.
  • Train Muscle Tension (EMG) and Temperature using all Alive environments and games.
  • Train Smoothness, Skin Conductance and New Pioneer Measurements: Average Heart Rate, Autoranged EMG, Heart Rate Range, Emotional State and more.
  • All measurements can be manually adjusted or automatically ranged. New to muscle tension (EMG) feedback? Just select EMG Auto and start a game!
  • 10 new Pioneer Environments with over 1 hour of new music!
  • Dreamscapes game pack is an exclusive add-on game for Alive.
  • Adaptive Pacer responds to your heart rate changes continuously – never manually adjust a breath pacer again!
  • Unlimited number of graphing screens can be open and recording at the same time. New graphing screens are available for all Pioneer measurements!
  • Proprietary patent pending method for detecting and displaying emotional changes (experimental but very useful for people working with emotions).
  • Enhanced auditory training with optional audio breath pacer and success beep (choose from a variety of audio breath pacers).
  • Record audio using a microphone and review what happened right before a skin sweat spike or large increase in smoothness.

DREAMSCAPES will blow you away!

Added to this package to save you $200!

The brand new 6 Sensor GP8-e Amp Complete System with:

  • Alive Pioneer for GP8 Amp software ** LIMITED SUPPLY GP8-e HARDWARE AVAILABLE **
  • 6 Leads (for EMG, EKG, SCL, Temp)
  • 5 Permanent Electrodes for EKG or EMG
  • 2 Velcro Wrist Bands for wrist-to-wrist EKG
  • 50 Disposable Electrodes for EKG or EMG
  • 1 Temperature Sensor
  • Built-in USB power cord improves upon previous battery powered versions
  • BVP NOW available for GP8 Hardware, including (2) FREE Bonus Heart Rate/BVP sensors for limited time.
  • New Respiratory Sensor Capacity Built-in (sensor is included in this package.)

Experienced Clinician – Finally, professional quality sensors combined with the ease and fun of Alive! Unlock new types of training with EMG and Temperature. Enhance your sessions with Pioneer’s additional measurements, graphs, adaptive pacer, advanced options and the widest variety of games available for heart rate, skin sweat, EMG and temperature training available on any system.

Research – Use Alive’s extensive games and easy interface to keep participants engaged! Study Pioneer’s new cutting-edge algorithms for measuring and interpreting heart rate and skin sweat changes. Display customized image sets and record the resulting physiological changes per image. Record microphone audio and review correlations between the audio recorded and physiological changes measured.

Not currently available for Mac; will work in Parallels or BootCamp. Alive Pioneer is Available for Mac using the IOM or emWave Sensors.

For Clinical Users with Mac Systems, you have 2 top level choices:
  1. the Wild Divine IOM based (HRV/SCL)
  2. the HeartMath emWave based HRV/BVP.
  3. For Personal Mac Users, try these options:
  4. Personal Iom HRV & SCL Mac compatible system
  5. Personal emWave HRV & BVP Mac compatible system

Windows PC Minimum System Requirements:

  • Alive Active Feedback GP8 Hardware (newest version) — *INCLUDED*
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 / or Win 10 operating system
  • 2.0 GHz Processor
  • Dedicated Video Card Supporting OpenGL 2.0 (almost all current computers do)
  • *For best Dreamscapes at full video quality (recommended) — 2 GB Video Ram with Video Card for 3D Graphics.
  • 3 GB of Free Disk Space. (with Dreamscapes, 6 GB Disk Space)
  • 2 GB of System Memory RAM. 4 GB or 8 GB is recommended.
  • Gamepad (optional, allows one person to play while simultaneously another adjusts settings on a secondary graphing screen, Logitech F310 or similar recommended)
  • Internet connection recommended (enables updates and community features)
  • Alive may work even if your computer does not meet the minimum video card requirements. If you are unsure if Alive will work on your computer please download OpenGL Caps Viewer and make sure your OpenGL version is 2.0 or higher (on the first tab of OpenGL Caps Viewer, next to OpenGL, it should say OpenGL 2.0 or higher).
  • ***IF using DREAMSCAPES and for future new games & free updates a Dedicated Graphics Card Designed for 3D Games (nVidia, AMD, GeForce or similar)is recommended. Intel embedded graphics are not supported, but may be sufficient to run most games if Dreamscapes Graphics Quality is set to Fastest.
  • Maximum Performance / Graphics Quality Requires a GTX 900 Series or Later (or Equivalent) Graphics Card.


To learn where you can get the most Clinical Biofeedback background, here is a short take on 3 Professional Biofeedback Book Resources “Top 3 Biofeedback Books For Professionals” — such that you can best learn how this system can be used in your practice.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs

2 reviews for Alive GP8 Pioneer Multi-Sensor Respiratory Biofeedback System

  1. D

    Great value. Glad I purchased here and received the extra support and guidance. Really neat package.

  2. John

    I have used this system for biofeedback training, it is quite useful and easy to use, the concerns I have had have been resolved by this provider attentively and quickly, for which I am very grateful.

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