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Arcade Biofeedback Software Mega Pack


Arcade Biofeedback Games Mega Pack – 25 Options for your IOM or emWave System

Watch the 2 Minute Video to add a variety of game options everyone will love!

  • Add variety to train the brain and body.
  • Every age and every interest level has a favorite match.
  • New Arcade Style Gaming Fun.



This Arcade Biofeedback Software is a true MEGA pack of 25 new feedback games. More fun options to increases your system’s capacity.

Arcade Biofeedback Mega Pack Software can be used directly with any existing emWave, iFeel, IOM or Lightstone sensors (without Alive).

If you don’t have a system or biofeedback sensors, you can purchase them here: Biofeedback Systems

Characters change size, music fades, colors darken, time slows and games become harder, all in response to your heart rate smoothness or other measurements.

Create a new, fresh variety of Biofeedback Training like never before.

It’s a Virtual Gift to All IOM & emWave Biofeedback Users.

Arcade works with all versions of Alive, adding a giant variety of full length and casual games into Alive.

New, Fresh takes on Arcade style games add to your Biofeedback fun!

As a bonus -*Arcade can be used directly with emWave, IOM*(see below) or Lightstone sensors (without Alive).

*”You can use Arcade without Alive, but it doesn’t save sessions or let you configure all the options like in the Alive Software much (such as Smoothness difficulty). But all the games work, so you can plug in an IOM or emWave and train Smoothness!”*

WATCH this short compilation of gaming ACTION.

IMAGINE the MIND-EXPANDING FUN as users of all ages & backgrounds. Learn Mindfulness, Focus, Relaxation, Executive Control & More!

Choosing games, 2 minutes – explains which are best for children, easiest to play.

The Arcade Biofeedback Mega Pack has a wide variety of high-quality and beautiful settings and is filled with novel types of feedback including:

  • 25 Complete, New Games to add to your biofeedback programs.
  • Cool, interesting new options for every interest level.
  • Widely diverse games for young children, adults of all ages, and teens! Fun for the whole family
  • How does this “Storyteller” game play out?
  • More than one hundred hours of game play
  • Go Hyperspeed through new space warp tunnels in a supergalactic ship!
  • Train longer and more often with this huge set of fun games.
  • and Easy one-button games, fun casual games, highly complex thinking games, and high energy action games, all in one, with or without Alive!.

Full 20 minute review of all the games, memory testers, adults, children & tips on how to change difficulties, best ways to play games. A great overall review to see how many Arcade Games will be fun for you or your clients.

Can you imagine all the varieties of ways to learn, grow, gain peace, become focused, achieve more mindfulness and simply create new neural connections to expand your brain and mind?

The ARCADE BIOFEEDBACK MEGA PACK of GAMES works with any Alive System you currently own OR it can work independently with any emWave, IOM Pro, Lightstone, or iFeel sensor — truly a versatile set of biofeedback programs to add to any biofeedback system – whether at home, the office, or for professional health purposes.

Increase the difficulty level of each challenge as you begin to master your new skills and are comfortable practicing them in your everyday life.

What Biofeedback System Choice for Me?

Any doubts or questions, get personal help: or 800-678-4210. What’s best for you is what we do.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Alive with Compatible Sensor (GP8 Amp, IOM, Lightstone, iFeel, or emWave)
    – or –
    IOM Pro, Lightstone or emWave sensors (does not work with IOM Blue or IOM PE sensors; iFeel Sensors only work within Alive Platform for Arcade Suite)
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 operating system
    – or –
    Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
  • 3 GB of Free Disk Space.
  • 2.0 GHz Processor
  • Most Arcade games should run on any modern computer. A couple of games (Forgotten Realms, Obstacle Horse) may require more recent graphics cards.*
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Gamepad (optional, Logitech Logitech F310 or similar recommended)
  • Internet connection recommended (enables updates and community features)
  • Arcade and Alive may work even if your computer does not meet the minimum video card requirements. If you are unsure if Alive will work on your computer please download OpenGL Caps Viewer and make sure your OpenGL version is 2.0 or higher (on the first tab of OpenGL Caps Viewer, next to OpenGL, it should say OpenGL 2.0 or higher).

The Necessary Disclaimer: Somatic Vision devices are intended for self education, fun and internal exploration, not diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Somatic Vision and make no medical claims regarding improvement of any specific conditions. If you have health concerns please ask your doctor before using these products.

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