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Alive Pioneer Dreamscapes Upgrade-Bundle

Original price was: $548.00.Current price is: $348.00.

Alive Pioneer + Dreamscapes UPGRADE Alive Clinical Special!

The BEST DEAL to Upgrade Alive Clinical. Supercharge your biofeedback program!

Experience an unprecedented level of immediate, intuitive feedback and connections in your practice.

  • Train Emotional Qualities with Patent Pending Algorithm.
  • ADDS multiple new feedback measures, including BVP for immediate responses and average range HR/HRV.SCLmeasures.
  • Creativity, Drawing, Music & Brain Games are all new.
  • Add Audio Recording: Record & Review All Session Discussions in sync with Biofeedback Measures.
20+ new programs for NEXT LEVEL biofeedback software YOU (everyone) will WANT!
This Special Pioneer Dreamscapes Bundle saves you ~ 40% on the best 2 new programs!


The Alive Pioneer Dreamscapes Upgrade Bundle combines for an incredible upgrade to your Alive Clinical Biofeedback System

NOTE: this is an UPGRADE for owners of the Alive Clinical Software. Go here for the full Alive Pioneer Software with option to add Dreamscapes bundle.

This is an array of functions, features and immersive, biofeedback environments like never before offered. Certainly, this is a breakthrough in an affordable, easy to use system.

You MUST WATCH the 5 short introduction videos. They do not disappoint.

Below them you will find a FULL 45 minute How To Use Tutorial. It is jam packed with good information, including exciting specifics on using BVP Amplitude as a significant measurement tool. You can jump to the section which most interests you.

You can also download the full Pioneer User Guide to get a jumpstart on training with Pioneer in your practice.

A STRIKINGLY new level of Professional Biofeedback Programming —
at an affordable cost to any business or enthusiast.

A True Pioneer creates a new understanding.
So will the Advantages of simply upgrading your Wild Divine IOM or Heartmath emWave with Alive Pioneer Clinical Software.

This is a brief introduction Alive Pioneer Video for the Iom SCL/HRV or emWave HRV Sensor.

(note: a full tutorial video for Alive Pioneer is available for full understanding of it’s potential and how to use it in training.)

(Note: This Video details a LOT of new features, but YOUR New Version 3.1+ practically DOUBLES the features & benefits shown here.)

This is a quick 5 minute Overview of New Updates to Alive Pioneer.

This is the latest, FREE UPGRADE to Alive Pioneer – check out the new features, functions and capacities added to the system.

MORE Alive Pioneer Version benefits:

  • All the many Alive Clinical version features are included.
  • Train Smoothness, Skin Conductance and New Pioneer Measurements: Average Heart Rate, Emotional State, Autoranged Heart Rate Range, and more.
  • All measurements can be manually adjusted or automatically ranged.
  • 10 new Pioneer Environments with over 1 hour of new inspiring music!
  • Dreamscapes game pack available soon as an exclusive add-on game for Alive Pioneer.
  • Adaptive Pacer responds to your heart rate changes continuously – never manually adjust a breath pacer again!
  • Unlimited number of graphing screens can be open and recording at the same time. New graphing screens are available for all Pioneer measurements!
  • Proprietary patent pending method for detecting and displaying emotional changes (experimental but very useful for people working with emotions).
  • Enhanced auditory training with optional audio breath pacer and success beep (choose from a variety of audio breath pacers).
  • Record audio using a microphone and review what happened right before a skin sweat spike or large increase in smoothness.

Study this FULL TUTORIAL of the Alive Pioneer for IOM
— a Comprehensive Guide.

Watch the sections which interest you the most.

  • 1:01 – Launching Alive Clinical or Alive Standard instead of Alive Pioneern>
  • 6:02 – Training with 2 Measurements Together!
  • 8:15 – Pioneer Measurement Quick Reference (learn about the Pioneer measurements!)
  • 16:53 – BVP Amplitude Quick Introduction
  • 20:05 – Emotion Detection and Training
  • 29:40 – Measuring Physiological Responses to Custom Images
  • 30:02 – 2 User Training – Graphing How 2 Users Influence Each Other
  • 31:59 – Recording Session Audio

Get download of Alive Pioneer vs. Alive Clinical Comparison Chart for IOM use.

Alive Pioneer also contains these new features available and includes IOM sensors in this package deal.

  • Two New Alive Environments: Valley, a beautiful nature scene where birds and butterflies appear and gently explore their environment, and Petals of Light, a glowing energy mandala screen.
  • Over an hour of new music.
  • Train with emotional state using our new emotional detection algorithms (GP8 Amp or IOM only, these don’t perfectly reflect emotional state, but are amazing training tools for people to understand and work with emotions).
  • Set the breath pacer to automatically adapt to heart rate and breathing, instead of trying to manually choose a single pace.
  • Turn on breath pacer sounds to hear an auditory indication of when to inhale and exhale.
  • Additional measurement available in review.
  • Disable skin conductance for users with broken IOM or Lightstone sensors (so these users can continue using heart rate and bvp amplitude feedback).
  • New *Alive Pioneer User Guide* and VIDEO ABOVE that teaches the importance of BVP Amplitude training, and how to get started with BVP Amplitude training (IOM only).

New Dreamscapes program works in tandem with Alive PIONEER from its control panel.

DREAMSCAPES will blow you away!


It’s 2 minutes that will WOW you.

IMAGINE the MIND-EXPANDING FUN as users of all ages & backgrounds learn Mindfulness, Focus, Relaxation, Executive Control & More!

Imagine all the varieties of ways to learn, grow, gain peace, become focused & achieve more mindfulness?

You will simply PLAY to create new neural connections to expand your brain and mind!


Want the Full Descriptions of Pioneer and Dreamscapes?

Click here for a Complete look at all the programs, options, features & benefits of Pioneer.

Here is the Full Alive Dreamscapes Software Description — a complete Dreamscapes page so you can explore its numerous virtues & possibilities.

Just a few of Alive Pioneer & Dreamscape Software New Features & Benefits:

  • Train with Average Heart Rate, BVP Amplitude (IOM required for BVP Amplitude training), Heart Rate Range and other new Pioneer measurements.
  • Automatically or manually range any feedback for training.
  • Train 2 users together if you own 2 IOMs/Lightstones.
  • Optionally record and playback audio from a microphone, to help you review important changes by what was said in the session.
  • Video camera feedback enabled.
  • Artistical Interactive Feedback of 2D and 3D Painting and Musical Sequencer.
Learn new Professional Biofeedback techniques like BVP Amplitude & 2 People Training.

Alive Pioneer IOM emWave Guide Download

Alive Clinical Pioneer Guide

Get download of Alive Pioneer vs. Alive Clinical Comparison Chart for IOM use.

Special Price Alive Pioneer Dreamscapes Package Deal saves $199 — almost 40% off. Limited Time Price.

What Biofeedback System Choice for Me? Any doubts or questions, get personal help: or 800-678-4210. What’s best for you is what we do.

System Requirements (Currently only Windows PC):

  • Alive Clinical Software (not included) for upgrade only, this listing. Full Alive Pioneer includes Alive Clinical.
  • Any Alive Sensor — Wild Divine Lightstone or IOM, HeartMath emWave, iFeel USB or Bluetooth, GP8 Amp (*Iom2, IomPE & IomBlue not supported)
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 operating system
  • – or –

  • macOS 10.10 – 10.15 (Catalina) (older macOS will work, but 10.10+ preferred)
  • Go here for macOS Catalina and Higher Requirements (PLEASE View, e.g, no Iom sensor)
  • SOFTWARE UPGRADES Made by Braintraincoach & Somatic Vision for you.
  • 6 GB of Free Disk Space.
  • 2.0 GHz Processor
  • 2 GB of System Memory RAM. 4 GB or 8 GB is recommended.
  • Dedicated Video Card Supporting OpenGL 2.0. If Alive mini-games run well on your computer, your video card is sufficient to run Dreamscapes, at least on a Graphics Quality of Fastest.
  • Proper use of Dreamscapes requires Dedicated Graphics Card Designed for 3D Games (nVidia, AMD, GeForce or similar). Intel embedded graphics are not supported, but may be sufficient to run most games if Dreamscapes Graphics Quality is set to Fastest.
  • Maximum Performance / Graphics Quality Requires a GTX 900 Series or Later (or Equivalent) Graphics Card.
  • Internet connection recommended (enables updates and community features)
  • Alive may work even if your computer does not meet the minimum video card requirements. If you are unsure if Alive will work on your computer please download OpenGL Caps Viewer and make sure your OpenGL version is 2.0 or higher (on the first tab of OpenGL Caps Viewer, next to OpenGL, it should say OpenGL 2.0 or higher).
  • Alive Pioneer Dreamscapes may only be used on one computer at a time. Alive Pioneer Software can be installed on two computers as long as only one copy of Pioneer is in use at any given time.


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